AD Warriors are proud to announce the official date for the next event in UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi. On May 24th IPIC Arena will be home to some of the familiar faces from previous events as well as newcomers that will add value and provide first class MMA entertainment.

Lubomir Guedjev, Managing Director ADW, “We are proud to have finalized the official calendar for 2016. We laid foundations last year, now it’s time to build on it. We are scheduled for two events in Abu Dhabi, one in May and one in November as well as four events from the series Road to Abu Dhabi. Our strategic plans for 2017-2018 are in process too and we aim to build a sustainable sport product, not just events. Our partnerships with key partners will contribute to the objectives of the organization.”

Detailed information about the time of the event, tickets and broadcasting will follow in the coming weeks. For all Abu Dhabi Warriors related news and announcements, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Join us on Youtube and relive some of the finest moments from the past events.